Our Team

At USEEDS° we play­fully com­bine the cre­ativ­ity of a user exper­i­ence design agency with the pre­ci­sion of cus­tom­er exper­i­ence con­sult­ing and accom­pany our cus­tom­ers through all phases of the user-centred design pro­cess.

We com­bine cre­ativ­ity with a struc­tured and sys­tem­at­ic approach and try to respond to user needs with innov­at­ive ser­vices using new and fresh meth­ods.

We design how we work

“Design think­ing” means solv­ing prob­lems with the mind-set of a design­er. That is exactly what we do when we con­tinu­ously optim­ize our organ­iz­a­tion­al pro­cesses. Some examples:

Competence circles

Quality is derived from the inter­sect­ing of com­pet­en­cies. That is why we got rid of com­pet­ence silos with the usu­al heads of depart­ments. At USEEDS° every tal­ent joins at least two weekly com­pet­ence club ses­sions.


Every two months, we take two days to work on tasks we think could help us work more enjoy­ably and effi­ciently. It does not mat­ter if this con­cerns new meth­ods, check­lists, bever­ages at the office, or design­ing the “think tank“.

vs. Job titles

We work on a sys­tem of core employ­ee com­pet­en­cies to make career paths even more flex­ible and indi­vidu­al for us at USEEDS°.

Join us!

We would be more than happy to learn about you and your expect­a­tions. Let’s dis­cuss if we match!