Personalized Insurance

Do it right for the customer.

How can we create the right insurance package that fits to the individual needs of the customer and also has an impact on the online conversion rate?

We worked for one of the largest Insurance com­pany to rethink their online offers and the use of the online calculator.

One of the main ques­tions was: What could be the right ques­tions and the right answers to find the indi­vidu­al right insur­ance pack­age in a fast and user centered way?

We set up a cus­tom­er centered work­ing approach in the com­pany and then developed new use cases and a new online tar­iff calculator.

The new online tar­iff cal­cu­lat­or for private liab­il­ity insur­ance helps users select just the right con­tract for their indi­vidu­al needs. Right in the first test the new rate cal­cu­lat­or drove up the con­ver­sion rates by 6%.

This com­pre­hens­ive change pro­cess triggered and involved dif­fer­ent fields: the devel­op­ment of brand new products, team struc­ture changes, adap­ted work pro­cesses and the cre­ation of pat­tern libraries.

In short: We sup­por­ted them to set up their own UX depart­ment and empowered them with know­ledge of cus­tom­er cent­ric meth­ods and the mind­set of a cus­tom­er cent­ric driv­en approach.