International Customer Experience in B2B

Anchoring the customer perspective in the company with a B2B Customer Journey

Understanding comes before the change

For a travel pay­ment pro­vider in the B2B sec­tor, we con­duc­ted an inter­na­tion­al study to invest­ig­ate the needs, motiv­a­tions and frus­tra­tions of travel man­agers and account­ants regard­ing the billing pro­cess of busi­ness trips.

The aim was not only to ana­lyse the cus­tom­ers» cur­rent exper­i­ence with the pro­duct’s inter­faces, but also to gain insights that would provide point­ers on how the product and ser­vice should devel­op for B2B cus­tom­ers in the long term.

The res­ult is a B2B Customer Journey, which brings cus­tom­er per­spect­ives closer to the employ­ees, serves the com­pany as a basis for innov­a­tions and optim­iz­a­tion of the AirPlus Service Portfolio and sup­ports intern­al changes towards a customer-oriented company