The Future of Mobility Services

Autonomous from A to X — The RideSharing Service for the year 2023

What requirements will customers have for an autonomous RideSharing Service in 2023?

In order to find require­ments and ideas on this ques­tion we at USEEDS° do com­pre­hens­ive research con­sult­ing and sup­port for vari­ous design teams in all phases of the devel­op­ment pro­cess: test­ing of AI & AR fea­tures with wizard-of-oz meth­ods; test­ing in VR envir­on­ments; research with spe­cial tar­get groups; trans­fer of research res­ults to the design teams through work­shops & use of ser­vice design tools.

Our dif­fer­ent user research meth­ods and user centred design approach give us a deep user under­stand­ing. The res­ult here­for is a broadly defined ride shar­ing ser­vice tailored to cus­tom­er needs, which can serve as the basis for the design of the autonom­ous vehicle and its user centred fea­tures as well as for ser­vices around.

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