Customer experience in new markets

A go-to-market strategy from the customer’s perspective

Isn’t go-to-market actually go-to-customer?

In selec­ted mar­kets we have formed the unknown creature end cus­tom­er into a tan­gible pic­ture for a glob­al B2B play­er. In doing so, we went where the cus­tom­ers are easi­est to find:

In aston­ish­ingly tidy and little oil-smeared car work­shops in Germany, the UK and Turkey. In the dis­cus­sions we were able to gain valu­able insights into the motiv­a­tions and frus­tra­tions sur­round­ing car main­ten­ance and to find out that fax machines in gar­ages still play a great­er role than smartphones.

With the inform­a­tion col­lec­ted, we were able to place the go-to-market strategy on a stable found­a­tion and already derive clear recom­mend­a­tions for action for sales.