Customer Experience conquers Berliner Bürgerämter

Fast and simple to the desired date

Fast and simple to the desired date —  this is the new online appoint­ment man­age­ment tool of the cit­izen’s offices of Berlin stand for. The fur­ther devel­op­ment of the online appoint­ment agree­ment was based on the user centred design. The needs and beha­viour of the users were sur­veyed and closely observed in order to make the appoint­ment as user-friendly as pos­sible for the cit­izens of Berlin. Live user tests were also con­duc­ted on site at the Spandau cit­izens» office. Read the Berlin press comments. 

USEEDS° was com­mis­sioned by the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sport to accom­pany the user-centered pro­cess for the new appoint­ment man­age­ment tool. USEEDS° car­ried out the user test and sur­veys with Berlin cit­izens, ana­lyzed them, and con­ver­ted them into con­cepts and prototypes. 

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