Our Portfolio

Customer Centricity is our driving force.


We not only help com­pan­ies to make their digit­al ser­vices and products cus­tom­er centred. We work with com­pan­ies to devel­op new busi­ness ideas for unmet cus­tom­er needs, derive strategies for great­er cus­tom­er sat­is­fac­tion, and help make the entire organ­iz­a­tion more cus­tom­er centred.

We identi­fy all the neces­sary insights about cus­tom­ers and the busi­ness to make the right decisions. We solve the most com­plex chal­lenges with proven meth­od­o­lo­gies and our design mind­set. We don’t just advise, we stick to it until pro­jects are imple­men­ted and suc­cess is felt.

Human Centred Innovation

Discover & understand customer needs

  • Identify product, ser­vice & busi­ness innov­a­tion potential.
  • Explorative & con­tex­tu­al field research & in-depth interviews.
  • Identify innov­a­tion drivers based on jobs-to-be-done, needs & pain points.

Define problem space

  • Define high-potential use cases
  • Customer jour­ney mapping
  • Service blue­prints

Create solutions

  • Co-creation work­shops
  • Concept & prototyping
  • Design sprints
  • Service & product definition
  • Create MVPs & proof of concepts

Validate & Deliver sustainable solutions

  • Evaluative qual­it­at­ive & quant­it­at­ive user research
  • Scaling user research impact with research operations
  • In-house con­sult­ing & enablement
  • Bring innov­a­tion to market
  • Continuous improve­ment

Customer Experience Strategy

Understanding customer needs

  • Analyzing & map­ping of cus­tom­er journeys
  • Exploring jobs-to-be-done
  • Develop cus­tom­er per­so­nas and segments

Convince & win customers

  • Designing cus­tom­er cent­ric sales processes
  • Prioritizing Customer Value Added for Sales and Distribution
  • Using cus­tom­er insights for mar­ket positioning

Inspire customers with new offers

  • Developing new products and ser­vices in a cus­tom­er cent­ric manner
  • Analyze rel­ev­ant trends and mar­ket developments
  • Exploring new busi­ness models

Establishing a customer perspective in the company

  • Develop a cus­tom­er exper­i­ence vision
  • Develop train­ings and work­shops for employees
  • Introducing KPIs and metrics

Digital Product Experience

Understand customer needs, product attributes & goals

  • Value pro­pos­i­tion
  • Customer jour­ney creation
  • Focus groups / in-depth interviews

Create the experience that customers excite

  • Co-creation work­shops
  • Digitale touch­point design (respons­ive, web, app, watch, CUI)
  • Concept & prototyping
  • UI/ digit­al branding
  • Design sys­tems

Test and iterate

  • Qualitative research (UX-labs, focus groups, …)
  • Quantitative (sur­veys, analytics,…)
  • In-home research

Deliver to market

  • Agile design sprints
  • Frontend devel­op­ment
  • Design & design guidelines
  • Pattern lib­rar­ies
  • Marketing strategy

Coaching & Training

  • UX & CX coach­ing and training
  • Corporate design think­ing programs