ways of user engagement

How can we engage users along the development process? Our cheat sheet poster helps to choose suitable methods to incorporate their opinions, attitudes, habits and behavior.


We are happy to send the cheat sheet per snail mail!

For us UX is not an added value. It is the ultimate value your users perceive, whenever they interact with your business.
Companies work with us for that reason.

The USEEDS° Process Principles

Challenge the challenge!


Think visual!

Match perfection and passion!

Seek feedback continuously!

Involve users!

Have fun!

Stay curious and creative!

Our UX Process?
You Tell Us!

For each project, our UX strategist will create an ideal process for your organizational environment and your project-specific requirements to collaborate most effectively and efficiently. We select the right UX methods, apply the USEEDS° Process principles, and let smart UX talents go to work. 


Strategic Planning

User & Customer Experience Strategies

Customer Journeys / Service Blueprints

User Centred Product Innovation

Multi Channel & Eco System Strategies

Business Modelling

User Insights

User Research

Online Diaries

Qualitative Interviews

Quantitative Surveys and Benchmarks

Journey Analytics

Trend Research

Concept & Design

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

User Experience Design

Cross Device (responsive) Design


Social Media Design

Content Definition

Multimedia Design

IT integration

Agile UX Support

Frontend & Backend Development
(Html CSS)

iOS Development

Product Requirement Specifications