Co-Creation Event 

Jean-Paul Sartre is famous for his many smart quotes, one of them being “finding the right answer is always easier than finding the right question”. 

That was exactly why we started our Hellobank! Co-Creation event with an online contest to collect a rich myriad of questions around the current state of banking. Within three weeks, we had 1,400 

smart questions. A great starting point for phase 2 of the event, the Ideation workshop in Berlin. But let’s start from the beginning. 


get together interested prospective customers


work and collaborate with them intensely


to develop services


that no bank is offering so far

The leading idea

It was spring 2012 when CortalConsors reached out to us with a rather unusual inquiry “Could you support us with the Launch campaign for Hellobank! in Germany?”. USEEDS° is a well-known pioneer for user-centred design, but 

campaigns are not really something we do on a daily basis. So our answer was “Yes, sure, but it will be a user-centred event”. They agreed and we started designing the biggest online and offline co-creation event ever. 

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