Connected Life

The future of networked life can only be developed together with the user.
What does the user expect from networked life?

Connectivity is on everyone's lips and increasingly determines our lives. At home, devices should communicate with each other to make life easier and, at best, to provide completely new services. The development in this area is mostly very technology driven, only rarely the needs of the users play an overriding role. At the end of the day, the consumer decides what his networked life should look like and how successful individual products and services will be.


With this in mind, we have looked at existing products and product groups for various customers and examined their potential in a networked world. Methods such as focus groups or in-home interviews were used to explore together with users where they see added value in a networked household for concrete products, such as operating a washing machine via a voice interface.

Other projects have already dealt with concrete services and the interaction between two or more appliances such as dryers and washing machines or cooktops and extractor hoods. Initial conceptual approaches were tested with users at an early stage and further developed in order to transform technically driven prototypes into a useful addition to the networked household.


USEEDS° also pursues the user-centered approach for extensive and open questions such as networked living. This is the only way to create a future characterized by user needs.

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