AX Summit

1st AX Summit Retrospective

The 1st ever AX Summit happened on January 25th, right here at USEEDS°, and it was a huge success. At least that's what our guests and speakers told us. We had a great time as hosts and are happy we could share this unique opportunity for learning from and with each other. It's exciting to see where emerging technologies are now, where they are going and how they might influence our lives in the future. 


For us at USEEDS° it has always been about humans more than technologies. In this upcoming age of augmented experiences that human centred perspective is becoming even more important. Now is the time to get involved for all of us and we're excited to tackle these challenges with our friends and partners.


At the 1st AX Summit we're focused on the emerging technologies that will become enablers of the future. Matching that spirit, we had exciting talks with different topics and perspectives on how augmented experiences can be created and how they might influence the relationship with customers. We heard how Augmented Reality and Conversational User Interfaces will forever change the way we interact with digital services. Saw how Virtual Reality can bring us to live events far away and will help us make difficult purchase decisions like, say, buying a car. Felt how future developments in AI influence both our society and the way we build products. Got a taste for how to put these emerging technologies into a business context and bring innovations to market.


We ended the event with an evening full of great and inspiring conversations, cold drinks and exciting tech demos. On one side of the hall Ars Thanea and USEEDS° gave us the chance to try out the Guided Car Retail Experience VR demo as well as the magical Toy Factory, where you find yourself on a playground with magical toys. On the other side you could experience the i-mmersive live 360 VR streaming system to immerse yourself into another world. These were augmented experiences for all of us!


Lastly, we'd like to say thanks to all our amazing speakers for their support. Not to forget, our lovely guests that made the day a huge success through their engagement and curiosity. We can't wait to meet you at our next AX Summit!


And now you have the chance to review and experience the whole AX Summit again including all talks in full length videos and images! Enjoy!


Your team from USEEDS°